Inspiring word!

"The light of God surrounds us. The love of God enfolds us. The power of God protects us. The Presence of God watches over us. Wherever we are God is." Author: James Dillet Freeman

Sunday, December 20, 2009

A New Song

God's unfailing love causes us to sing a new of happiness and personal responsibility. The joy of the Lord (the Law of being) instills a love and enjoyment of life in me and in anyone who captures the vision and allows the reality of God to express through them. I desire the goodness and richness of God for all people and I pray for those who do not know joy, to right now be struck by a bolt of shear, unadulterated Love which can only be issued through the Spirit of our merciful God of Truth, Life, Love, Wisdom, Power, Beauty, Peace, Joy and the like.

There is a certain joy in practicing responsibility for our self. It is real freedom and It means we have to do what it takes to make our life work, blaming nobody else for anything but moving onward and Spiritward. If in our doing, we recognize that a power greater than ourselves walks with us and empowers us each moment to do whatever it is that we have been given the "choice" to do; then we know it is imeperative and wise to recognize this energizing Force as much as we can and every chance we can. Walk with God and know God walks with us.

Be anxious for nothing. God is always at work; inspiring and delighting in all that will allow the Living Spirit to show forth through their character. Doing so reflects glorification in truth, peace, beauty, joy, and wonderment. Keep releasing that which does not glorify the truth of God which is also the truth of each woman, man and child. Be still and know God in you. Sure we all have such to release but Christ in us is our hope of glory and we are made to achieve victory. Let's Honor God's gifts inside of us.

To all eyes reading this post, I not only wish you joy; I pray it in the Living Spirit and trust in the Power that can make it so.

Love and Genuineness,
Rev. E.