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"The light of God surrounds us. The love of God enfolds us. The power of God protects us. The Presence of God watches over us. Wherever we are God is." Author: James Dillet Freeman

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Where are you dwelling? I am not referring to your house made of mortar and stone. According to the American Heritage Dictionary, a dwelling is a place in which to live. As a verb it means to "remain or be present in". Mentally we dwell by repeatedly placing our attention on specific focal points or patterns of thought time and time again. So I have to keep recognizing within myself 'what I am thinking about' and I have to ask 'is what I am thinking about that which I want to see in my actual experiences'? Am I present and giving my full attention to what is occurring in this moment or am I rumenating over some situation that occurred in the past or over some discomforting or disruptive condition; or am I putting my thoughts on the goodness of the One Power and Presence of God in which there is life, light and the way out of discomfort? Am I tending my flock of thoughts and making sure that I am keeping them on the path of right thinking, love, wisdom, beauty, positiveness, abundance, joy and peace or am I steeped in blaming, complaining, warring/violence, jealousy and hatred? Ask, yourself the question only if you want to do something meaningful with the answers which are sure to follow.

What we think about over and over, time and time again (repeatedly, indicating a dominate thought pattern) we attract into our experiences. So if we are not attracting desirable people, situations, and conditions we have some decluttering to do from our mental closets. Each and everyone of us has to do some decluttering.

Be honest with yourself because your answer will bring forth the opportunity for increased growth, greater awareness and greater authenticity or it will continue to spiral downward. Either way, the choice is ours. God is Light and there is no darkness in Its Presence. The right questions help us to understand and to become clear about our intent. Our intent then will drive us to whatever direction we set. So set (focus) your thoughts  on your purpose and your blessed beingness. Stay well All - Let's know for ourselves and for others that God is always providing for our good and for the unfoldment of our highest potential. Keep your head to the sky.
Love and Joy,
In the Living Spirit

Sunday, October 2, 2011

In the LivingSpirit

One with my Creative Source, God,  in this moment I decree oneness with the peace, joy and  harmony within the Universal Life Force. I am provided for abundantly and I know this for all who dwell in the Presence.

God  forgives me for putting anything else before the Truth that abides within. All things irrelevant to the Life Force of my being now falls completely away.

 May this bless and touch you in a new way that causes you to be kind and gentle to yourself while also reaching out and touching  someone else whom you do not already know or who presents a challenge to you. Send them a poem, a song, or maybe a picture of inspiration and kindness. Whatever you do, let it be guided by the LivingSpirit within you. Listen.  Pay attention to the Silence within your heart and mind. Let God's Love move you. 

I am thankful and at peace; knowing this to be so.

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Peace, love and blessings in the LivingSpirit now and always.
Being breezey in the vapors,