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"The light of God surrounds us. The love of God enfolds us. The power of God protects us. The Presence of God watches over us. Wherever we are God is." Author: James Dillet Freeman

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Golden Life

Are you living life like it's golden?

If not...why?

If not now...when?

Do you even have any idea as to what "a golden life" means or how that looks to you?

Life is golden; if we see it [perceive it] that way. Neither your golden life nor mine has anything to do with the way someone else lives theirs. Our golden life, first, is a state of mental awareness. Can you see it...that way? The gold is within you, me and all beings. When we can see the true gold inside, it radiates so brightly and so powerfully that it cannot be confined or contained. The outward illumination spills onto everyone and everything we encounter even in the bleakest appearing situations and experiences. Let's hold on as long as we can until it becomes our reality.

Be still and know I am God; the true Gold-God-within.
Lovin' in Gold,

Ethel, In The Living Spirit,

Thursday, March 10, 2011


The suggested song for upliftment today is “Alright” by Ledisi. Know it’s alright, whatever you may be encountering. Know that the Divine and Infinitely Intelligent Mind which is All-Powerful is at work and nobody can turn It off except each of us within our own thinking and feeling (our mental capacities). When we are holding onto the right thoughts in our mind, and in our images, and in our prayers, and in our actions to one another, and in our speech to one another then it’s going to be alright. Appearances and subsequent situations pass, but our holding power to right thoughts, right feelings, right words, right images, right actions is strengthened and multiplied in the substratum or the permanent substance of God: the Divine Mind within and all around us- everywhere present.

When we keep a diligent practice of the Presence; we quickly learn that all things are working together for our highest good. More and more every day we are learning to discern and clearly distinguish for ourselves just who and what to include in our experiences. Songstress Yolanda Adams told us years ago that “It’s already alright” but you and I have to keep doing the mental work to embody the essential ideas which then absolutely clothe and manifest the physical outpicturing.

Let’s know its Alright. Some of the "stuff" we’re allowing to occupy our mental screens are meaningless, non-beneficial, distractions leading to situations we do not want to experience. Let that which moves you to a better and higher expression occupy your thoughts and feel the love, the joy, the peace and the bliss that Divine Mind is always, providing for, to, and through each of us; each moment we allow ourselves to stop and know our true connection and identity. Divine MInd is creative and is always working Its creative power through us and It does so without ceasing, and without coaxing. It does so for the sake of loving for this is Its nature and it is also therefore our nature (if we but hold onto it).

Hm-m-m-m ... think about it. Could this be what "in the name of Jesus" means in our practical daily, person-to-person application? Hold onto the name (nature, character) of Love, Peace, Beauty, Joy, Harmony, Integrity, Order and all that is Holy and Divine.

It's Alright!

Go to YouTube and take a listen to Ledisi and Yolanda Adams.

In the LivingSpiritIam.

Joy was made for all of us, not just a few.

Happiness is a choice. Choose Joy! Live well and be happy!
Ethel Russell-Ajisomo, Min., M.A.