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"The light of God surrounds us. The love of God enfolds us. The power of God protects us. The Presence of God watches over us. Wherever we are God is." Author: James Dillet Freeman

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Back To School Inner Glow - Fall 2012

I pray for all the children, Black, Yellow, Brown, Red, and  White, including gays, straight, all religions, genders and creeds will have the most wonderful, productive, safe and healthy school year which propels them to demonstrate more of the greatness that is within them, ready to burst forth in all of its glory. This inner greatness is being called forth from the Universal Source for healing in the world. 

Let us show them that they are valued. And if you cannot show them, at the very least, tell them, that they are valued. Let them know, emphatically and without having to guess, that they are cared for and valued. Our children have so very much to give this world and it all begins with the immediate family and expands into the school, then the community and then the world at large.

When our children know that greatness is within themselves as well as within everyone else; then much of the violence, jealousy, back-stabbing, and self-deprecation which outwardly expresses as hatred of others; will dissipate. Psychological and Sociological studies support the following theory that a poor, loathing self-concept  will more likely cause self-destruction and consequently, even more destruction in the enviornment and communities wherein we live. Ask what this may mean to you and your family.

May we all help our children to value who they are regardless of the mis-takes that they make or have made. Who among us have never made mis-takes? Who among us will never make mis-takes again? Making mis-takes is the human-being kind of learning, and evolving process whereby we get better at decision-making with each mistake from which we honestly deal with, which in turn promotes "learning and growth".

It is 12:00 noon, have you hugged your child today? Give your children and even other children who may not be yours a positive word of encouragement. Let them know you expect positive and life-engendering kinds of thinking from them. Help them to know loving-kindness, pardon and toleration.  Reward your children for taking responsibility for their own actions; letting them know that there is absolutely nothing weak or wrong with an appropriately deserved apology. Commend them for demonstrating patience and showing good manners to all people, and not just for those whom they have labelled "celebrity".  Let them know we all are to be celebrated; then let us watch miracles begin to happen in our families, communities and our world at large.

Good Day!
In the Living Spirit,
Rev. Ethel RA.

Smooches! and Hugs!

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Indelible Marks of Strength

The story of young Gabby Douglas impels monumental strength on many levels. In this video entitled Raising an Olympian - GABBY DOUGLAS, aspects of her life detailing  the "hard work" involved which led to her culminating moment of success are discussed. These cross-sections of her life and training leave me deeply touched and encouraged.

Having moved many, many miles from her home, family, and friends; the physical and mental strength of this young lady impresses me and offers vital nutrients for anyone who values personal growth. With incredible persistence, Gabby keeps her eye on the prize, beginning with her own recognition of her talent which led to her taking responsibility for acknowledging that she wanted the best coaches and training to hone her skills. At her young age she refuses to allow negative remarks to deter her efforts.

On every level, her mother's love cut through barriers of fear, doubt and worry and all that was familiar faded to memories. An amazing feat: her mother loved her, guided her and parented her from afar. Despite deep emotional feelings of missing Gabby and she being home sick, her mom helped her realize the high road of completing the task that she set out to finish.

The honesty, willingness, and courage of the newly extended family was a show of loving kindness beyond measure. Deeply heartfelt, all parts became one synchronized body with strong intention; all becoming the stepping stones of persistence to the victorious pinnacle of success.

After viewing, please respond by sharing a word, phrase or idea that comes to your awareness; one  which will leave an indelible mark on your life. Consider how Gabby's life has made an impact on yours. What major implications regarding decision-making and responsible choice selection does her life's examples offer you?

I give thanks to God, including everyone involved for providing the world this living demonstration of what we have the capacity to do when we work together in love, truth, honor and mutual respect.  The gift to the world is the "good" that each of us will "share" with another as a result of allowing ourselves to feel the impact of Gabby's life and success. Leave your comment below.

Live well, Laugh heartily and Love truly,

In the Living Spirit I am,