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"The light of God surrounds us. The love of God enfolds us. The power of God protects us. The Presence of God watches over us. Wherever we are God is." Author: James Dillet Freeman

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Go For It!

Emerging from the Baby Boomer era and from an acculturation which among many mental and behavioral patterns, included my having learned to delay my good. I learned to keep or use certain things for "special times" or to wait to use my goods and/or nice, newly purchased items for "special times or special events". I began to find myself asking "when am I going to live my life ...? what am I waiting for? Isn't everyday special? Times have changed and continue to evolve very quickly. If we are going to apply ideas and live out our dreams, there can be no waiting. We must tend to the business at hand...the business of living our dreams and aspirations.

There is no such thing as "playing catch-up"; it is simply start where you are and go for it. If you value love, then love with all you know and with the real love you feel allowing the Master within –your ChristSelf to guide your thoughts and emotions. If you’re going to add more play in your life then add play into your life daily, weekly, monthly as you are spiritually guided. In all things be divinely guided from within (from the indwelling Spirit) and trust that God is working all things for good.

Let us continually break and release (forgive) the old patterns that bind us to things which no longer serve our higher good; for if they no longer serve our higher good individually--they definitely do not serve the greater good of all humanity and the Spiritual fabric of this universe. sings: It's a New Day! May we be responsive to and within this new day.

Go for it!

Amen! Amen!

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Sunday, August 16, 2009

If It Befits You; Say I Do !

Acquaint yourself now with your true nature within by getting still and listening to who you really are. Then behold and embrace what you hear. If it does not deliberately create injury or harm to yourself or for others then follow-through. The truly loving things are usually the most difficult to do; requiring that we think for ourselves rather than simply follow the crowd for fear of being ostracized, left-out and sometimes even worse.

Being left-out can be a blessing, especially when it is not befitting of your unique and loving Self. Sometimes being left-out gives us information as to who is not deserving of the character we have allowed to diligently emerge and know as our Authentic Self. Don't try to force what the Divine Mind is leading you away from.

Be still and know God is at work in, through and behind the scene. If the person, place, or situation in question is befitting of and mutually respectful of who you are; then join in, if not, simply pass on by, release it or love them from afar. The Master Teacher, Jesus said to "knock the dust from your feet" and singer Curtis Mayfield said "keep on pushin'". Everyone whom you know cannot maintain a place in your inner circle; nor you in those with whom you think you may want. God's time has a way of telling us and showing us why.

Be Still! Let God's Process work things out with, for and through you and everyone involved.

Selah! I heard it through the divine vine.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Ever Wonderful!

Take time now to breathe in the love of God and reacquaint yourself with the good in your life right this moment. Know that you are blessed [favored with well-being, good fortune and abundant pleasure]. Know that you are made in the image of the Creator and Inexhaustible Supplier. Selah!

Because we are blessed we respect ourselves as well as others and do not have to take on the negative emotions of jealousy and resentment etc.; instead we can now choose to be a blessing to others - be it one or several others. Our choices determine our self-confidence and our uniqueness or lack thereof.

In this awareness, we bless as we are intuitively and lovingly led to do so. Those who really know they are blessed are mentally strong enough and spiritually mature enough to encourage, compliment, and even cooperate with others as opposed to being a hindrance. They do not have to be the center of attention nor do they have to put others down or degrade anyone else in order to make themselves appear bigger or better. They also do not have to fight over supply because they know that there is always enough for all, that they simply must turn within for their own proper way to be given to them from the Higher Authority. We are blessed inwardly first which exudes outwardly and spills over into our life, relations and affairs.

We all, each and everyone, are special and unique!

Take the time now to meditate on these things if it resonates with your soul.

Be Blessed and Breezy in the Blissfulness that God is!

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